Boris Dubrov

The "Merkabbah" series

In "Merkabbah" series, the artist, through a path-breaking approach, visually conveys one of the Kabbalah major themes. According to the Zohar (texts deeply exploring the unseen world), the Merkabah is the throne-chariot of G-d, the vehicle driven by a lion, an ox, an eagle and a man.

The four creatures of the Merkabah symbolize four basic elements controlled by One Creator. Each of the creatures drawing the chariot corresponds to a specific function of the four elements.

Apart from their visual representation, the symbols embodied in the paintings create an energetically charged space. "Merkabbah" series consists of four paintings: "Chesed" (a lion), "Gevurah" (an ox), "Tifereth" (an eagle), and "Malchut" (a man).

Each painting represents one of the sefirot, spiritual attributes of the Tree of Knowledge.

"Chesed" is a sefirah that symbolizes boundless loving - kindness towards the entire world, mercifulness, and benefaction.

"Gevurah" painting depicts one of the ten sefirot which form the spiritual paradigm of the Tree of Knowledge. The qualities of this sefirah are vigor and strength.

In tune with the previously described paintings, "Tifereth" painting personifies one of the ten sefirot on the tree of knowledge. The characteristics of this sefirah are harmony, splendor and balance.

All the paintings in this series are inextricably connected to each other in a harmonious way. That is why they should, wherever possible, belong to the same person.

One should take into consideration that the unique character of "Merkabbah" series calls for a special attitude towards each of its paintings. For instance, these paintings cannot be hung in profane places, such as bedrooms, hallways, or bathrooms.